Baryonyx is a spinosaur from Early Cretaceous Europe.

Baryonyx was different from most other theropods, except other spinosaurs, in the fact that it had long, thin jaws with conical teeth. Baryonyx likely ate primarily fish.

Fossil LocationsEdit

Baryonyx was discovered in the English countryside in 1983 by an ameatur fossil hunter named William Walker who found a very large claw in a clay pit.

The claw that was found measured over 1.5 feet in length. More bones were eventually found and they were able to reconstruct the dinosaur.


Baryonyx had long jaws and claws perfect for seizing slippery prey. It's diet consisted of mostly fish, although it may have hunted other dinosaurs from time to time.


Baryonyx lived with other dinosaurs like Iguanodon , Neovenator, and others.

This dinosaur probably lived in marshy areas where it could fish.

Size EstimatesEdit

Baryonyx was about 29-33 feet in length. It had a head height of about 10-13 feet and would have weighed about 1.5-2.5 tons.

Bary Size

Baryonyx size comparison

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