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A dromaeosaur is a group of theropod dinosaurs that makeup most of the raptor dinosaurs. They get there name from the dinosaur dromaeosaurus which is a type of raptor from north america that lived alongside tyrannosaurs


146 million years ago dromaeosaurs evoloved from simlar dinosaurs and branched off from the family tree that include the dinosaurs that evoloved into birds.

By 140 miillion years ago dromaeosaurs looked like other dinosaurs with hooked claws.

Scales or FeathersEdit

Not until the end of the early-cretacous they began to have feathers like a bird, deinonychus was the only dinosaur to actally have feathers however a discovery in china of other but smaller theropods much like birds have been found such as microraptor that had glided it way though the forest. There is even another type of dinosaur that had feathers called dilong meaning dragon emperor and is the antsetor of tyrannosaurus.

Even the famous velociraptor had feathers and made it look a lot like bird.

Larger ones however like the utahraptor did not have those feathers since it lived during the time when raptors first evoloved.


The EQ of these dinosaurs was among them altough not as high as there relatives like the troodon these dinosaurs could act probaly much like a dog if we were able to domesticate them.

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