Eoraptor and Human comparison
Eoraptor is a small theropod from the Valley of the Moon in argentina, this dinosaur get name from the layer it was found in, it was found in the triassic period

Because it was found in the base of the layer of the triassic many paleotolgist beileve this is the first dinosaur that then evoloved into other theropods and even prosauropods that then evoloved into other plant eaters.

During the TriassicEdit

During the Triassic more dinosaurs were yet to evolove.

There were other reptilian creatures rather than dinosaurs, there were crocodilans and there relatives, and other archosaurs.

There were also strange creatures that evoloved before the dinosaurs and were there when eoraptor was around.

Mammal-like reptiles that lived during the time when these reptiles appeared.

It wasn't until 225 million years ago that other dinosaurs appeared.


Eoraptor was discovered in 1993 by paleotolgist Paul Serreno.

When was revealed it was big news for scientist and paleotolgist since its probaly the first dinosaur that ever lived.


Eoraptor has grasping hands and long arms, the creature may have been the size of a medium-sized dog, it may have walked on all fours at times which is seen in a group of theropods known as spinosauroids which some of them did.


Some beileve eoraptor like many small predators hunted at night for lizards and insects.

It has been studied that small predators like the fennec fox is nocternal predator since it has large eyes to be able to see in the dark.

The eoraptor has large eyes like other predators that hunt at night like the owl.


Eoraptor is related possibly to larger dinosaurs such as coelophysis, plant eating dinosaurs possibly evoloved from eoraptor since the climate was different over millions of years.

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